How the nation is rising to the challenge with endless acts of resilience – and how to nominate YOUR everyday heroes


From the simple to the superhuman, one thing that the current crisis has shown us all is that we as a nation really can unite and rise to a challenge.

There have been countless everyday acts of real resilience around the country since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Some have inspired us on a national level, leading to hundreds of thousands of pounds being donated to our NHS and other good causes.

A multi-generation family in self isolation standing outside their home clapping and smiling together, one woman is using a pan to make noise
Others are symbols of unity, both as a country but also as communities. Few could have imagined just months ago that entire streets of neighbours would gather each Thursday to applaud our essential workers and the NHS, let alone that many would be serenaded by musical instruments played on the pavement.

But there are many acts that perhaps are less celebrated, but no less important or admirable.

The weekly shops delivered to those who are unable to get out; the dogs who might otherwise be stuck inside that receive a daily walk from a neighbour despite the rain. The friends and family taking time out of their days to check in on someone living alone; the online video baby-showers and birthday parties organised with love.

Small acts like reaching out and having a chat to those in lockdown alone can have a big impact
It is these small everyday acts of kindness and resilience that are keeping the nation going, and now more than ever, we need to be celebrating heroes within our local communities and rewarding them for their incredible work.

Off the back of the success of their Everyday Hero competition that ran at the start of 2020, Actimel recognise that, now more than ever, we should be celebrating and rewarding unsung heroes from all walks of life in the UK.

Every nomination will be featured in the Everyday Hero Tracker so everyone can applaud them
This has motivated Actimel to once again recognise resilience throughout the nation and launch their nationwide Everyday Heroes campaign to give the nation the chance to celebrate these champions.

From your local delivery driver dropping off your parcels to your mum making you a cup a tea at 10am on the dot every morning – you can nominate the person who has done something wonderful or just gives your community a beacon of hope.

There are many acts that perhaps are less celebrated, but no less important or admirable, like delivering food to those unable to get out
Every single nomination will be featured in the nationwide Everyday Hero Tracker.

The hero will also be entered into a prize draw to win a personalised Actimel bottle and one year’s supply of Actimel*.

Nominate your #everydayheroes by simply clicking here and in 50 words or less tell us why they are your everyday hero**.

Alessandra Zehnder, Senior Brand Manager at Actimel explains: ‘Actimel, with vitamin D and B6, supports the normal function of our heroes immune systems so they can support the normal function of our everyday lives. That’s why we recognise and celebrate our nation’s everyday heroes. Now more than ever they are showing resilience and supporting the nation.

‘So often their hard work and effort goes unnoticed and this is what we want to change. This campaign allows us to celebrate those heroes and offer people the platform to shout out their local champions.’

Supporting the nation’s heroes

These little Actimel shots are not only kicking with fruity flavours but they are also crammed with millions of live cultures, such as our beloved L. Casei and contain vitamins D and B6 to support the normal function of the immune system.